Crochet Style Bracelet – Beads

Last week when I was talking about my flower crochet with my dear Pdy, he was suggesting making bracelet. At once I have ideas for the design. Crochet bracelet deco with beads & funky metal buttons to fasten. The wrist size can be adjust using the buttons. Today I managed to finish two design.

Green crochet bracelet medium with randomly sew pearly beads & funky metal buttons.

Orange crochet bracelet wide with randomly sew silver bugle beads & plain metal buttons.
What do you think about it? Would you want one? 🙂

Both crochet bracelets now is available for purchase! 
Bracelet Colour & Code Name: Dark Green + Beads (CBB-G1), Orange + Beads (CBB-O1) 
Material:     CBB-G1Acrylic, Pearly beads, Metal buttons
                           CBB-O1 Acrylic, Silver bugle beads, Silver metal buttons
Size:      CBB-G1 18.5cm(L) x 2.5cm(W), suitable for wrist size 14.0-18.0cm (circumference)  
                  CBB-O1 19.0cm(L) x 3.0cm(W), suitable for wrist size 14.5-18.5cm (circumference)
Price:  CBB-G1 RM 15.00
                 CBB-O1RM 18.00             
                [Prices stated are not including delivery]

Suitable if you like something different or unique yet gorgeous bracelet.
Soft, light with randomly sewn with beads.
Dark green base with pearly seed beads & adjustable using the vintage metal buttons for CBB-G1.
Orange base with shining silver bugles & adjustable using the plain metal buttons for CBB-O1.


Happy Shopping! 🙂

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