How I’ve started my flower crochet

My first flower crochet was nearly 5 years ago when I was in my 4th year bachelor in Tokyo. I was watching this NHK craft series where they show how to crochet a flower. As I was crazy knitting at that time, I was eager to try the flower crochet. I added some beads at the middle & I love it. I made it as my handphone strap & still using it until now after changing my handphone several times. Here’s my first crochet flower.
Kinda vintage with the discoloured beads but I still love using it :). When one of my japanese senior in my lab saw my flower strappy she wanted one & I did a blue one for her. She wanted to pay for it but I only charged her with a bottle of coke :D. She was my first customer. I hope I can make more nice crochet strappy or accesories for everyone to use.

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