Crochet Style Bracelet – Dark Green+Brown

Yesterday I managed to make a new design bracelet without any beads but only with 2 different colour yarn. I used a bit different pattern which made the bracelet surface slightly bumpy. It came out quite nice. I kinda love it. Surprisingly ideas can come when I was quite stressful. Well one way for me to forget about the stress I guess, yup… crafting :). So here’s the new bracelet!

So what do you think? 🙂 

This crochet bracelet now is available for purchase! 
Bracelet Colour & Code Name: Dark Green + Brown lining (CBP-GB1) 
Material:     Acrylic, Metal silver button

Size:     17.5cm(L) x 2.5-3.0cm(W), suitable for wrist size 13.0-16.5cm (circumference)

Price:  RM 13.00
               [Prices stated are not including delivery]

Suitable if you like something different or unique yet simple for a bracelet.
Soft & light with adjustable size using the cool metal button.



Happy Shopping! 🙂


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