Rubber stamp – MisFydKrafts

These few days I was crazy carving some rubber stamps for MisFydKrafts. I managed to designed & finished 5 patterns. These are the patterns

  • MisFydKrafts© with blog address
  • F’dyHana©
  • Handmade by MisFyd
  • ‘Hand’ made by MisFyd with ‘Love’
  • Flower from hearts
  • Checkered button
Here are some of the process & the finished rubber stamp photos 🙂
After designing on a paper with a pencil, traced design on a suitable size eraser.
Then I just use the carving knife to crave off the unwanted part.
These are the rubber stamps that I had craved for these few days 🙂


8 thoughts on “Rubber stamp – MisFydKrafts

  1. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Arts & Craft Ideas!

    All of my eraser are normal sizes that you can buy in the normal stationary shop/Jusco around KL & Nilai. Sometimes you just need to browse thru all their erasers.

    Actually the eraser is not that big. Maybe you think it's big as I zoom it in my photo. All are normal size eraser.Some I've even cut it into half for certain design.

    The biggest I've used is 3x7cm. All of the eraser in the photo are smaller than that =)

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