F’dyHana – Rose series available for picking!

Here’s the first batch of my F’dyHana Roses, ready for picking. Choose any colour you like 🙂

Here’s the slightly side view of F’dyHana – Roses.

Roses Colour & Code Name: 

Row 1:
Milk Coffee (FHR-MC1), Wood Brown (FHR-WB1), Charcoal Black (FHR-CB1), Pure White (FHR-PW1),
Row 2:
Bloody Red (FHR-BR1), Sweet Orange (FHR-SO1), *Rose Pink (FHR-RP1), Ash Grey (FHR-AG1), *Shocking Purple (FHR-SP1),
Row 3:
Lime Green (FHR-LG1), Candy Pink (FHR-CP1), True Yellow (FHR-TY1), Shocking Red (FHR-SR1)
*Note: I have trouble taking photo of especially Shocking Purple & Rose Pink F’dyHana as it turns out not the real colour. Check this for nearest colour to the ‘Shocking Purple’ & ‘Rose Pink’
Size:     40-45mm in diameter 
Price:  RM 7.00 (choice of strap or pin)
                 RM 8.00  (both strap & pin)
               [Prices stated are not including delivery]

All flowers above are ready made (as in the photo) & available for picking. There are 2 Hanas available for each colour. After confirming what you want to attach on the picked F’dyHana, then I will put either strap, pin or both.

Picking status [Thanks! :)]:

Rose Pink (FHR-RP1):    2 Hana has been picked, (can be restock in demand)
Candy Pink (FHR-CP1):  2 Hana has been picked (can be restock in demand)
Bloody Red (FHR-BR1):  2 Hana has been picked (can be restock in demand)
Milk Coffee (FHR-MC1):  1 Hana left
Others:                        2 Hanas still available for each colour

Happy Picking! 🙂


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