What is F’dyHana for?

Most probably you are wondering what is F’dyHana use for.

First let me tell you a bit about F’dyHana.
I know that branding is kinda important for a business. It’s a trade mark of your business All businesses normally have their own branding name. So, as I was thinking of starting my craft shop,  I came out with F’dyHana.

F’dy = pronounce as ‘Fi-Dee’ actually adopted from my photo blog F’dyGraphy (feeling very guilty of not updating it for quite sometime as I was busy taking & editing photos for MisFydKrafts). It sounds like my nickname Fyd / Fid, plus an apostrophe to make ‘dy’ sounds like ‘the’. In addition, it also sounds like my dear Pdy nickname too 😉

Hana= pronouce the same as it spelled. As I was thinking of other word for flower, thank god that I have an extra language which is Japanese making it easier for me to decide. Yes, Hana is flower in Japanese.

By combining both, Taa daaa~  born my precious flower crochet name F’dyHana.
Do you think it sounds like a girl’s name? 🙂

Ok finished with the name,
here are some ideas & examples how you can use it:

  • Strap It On– If you choose to attach a strap on F’dyHana, then you can spice up your gadgets such as mobile phone (like what I do now), USB drive, camera & even your DS (I have one for 2 years but just found out they have a slot for hanging strap!). It will be a unique way to make easy detection  (if it is small & lose) or distinguish your gadgets from others.

  • Pin It OnYou can also choose to attach a pin & use it as a brooch. On scarfs, tudung, baju kurung, blouse, jacket, tank top, beanies/cap/hat, bags, shoes etc. 

  • Strap+Pin It On–  Attach both strap & pin, then you can use F’dyHana anywhere, anytime you like it.

  • Lock It In– New F’dyHana is coming where you can put it on your lovable Crocs shoes or any shoes that has hole on it. Make sure to check the updates later 🙂

That are just some ways you can use F’dyHana & there are many more new design to come. I’m open for any ideas or suggestion on F’dyHana. 

Check out the some example photos below on how F’dyHana Roses will look like on your gadgets or wardrobe.

If you like the idea of F’dyHana, don’t forget to pick one today at my shop 🙂



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