Checkered Funky Scarf

For these few days I was designing & crochet a scarf. While google thru the net for some crochet stitches ideas & stumbled with granny squares. Actually it’s one of the basic design for making table cloth that normally mums out there doing. I didn’t play around so much with the stitches but more with the colours. Managed to finished it yesterday while watching XxxHolic on Animax in Japanese :). Just misses listening to Japanese. Here’s the first attempt scarf I’ve made:

Finished 20 squares for the scarf. Used 2 different base colour which are brown & light brown.
Side crocheted with either pink, blue or green yarn.
After finished joining each squares together.
This is how it looks on a T-shirt. 
What do think for my first attempt scarf? I think maybe need to improve my colour matching skills 🙂


2 thoughts on “Checkered Funky Scarf

  1. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Nor… yes 2 granny square will look more like a scarf =)
    This one is just like an accessory just to spice up clothing (fashion) rather than keeping you warm…
    hmm maybe should I say it as a necklace?

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