Simple String Necklace

Inspired by Marta’s Creative Yarn again I made my own string necklace. Marta’s shared the pattern to everyone (She’s nice) but I still can’t really understand the crochet terms. So I just made it up myself. Struggled a bit on how to end the necklace but somehow managed to complete the necklace. So here’s my new necklace!

Tadaaaa!! My new brown string necklace with a nice button to fasten it πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Simple String Necklace

  1. mytinkerspace says:

    Nice! I like her blog,too. I've tried the string headband with the bow and it's real easy. And looks nice,too. It's great you can create yr own without reading the pattern. I learned how to read written patterns myself a long time ago but it wasn't easy! Anyway,good luck!

  2. MisFyd says:

    @Aisyah: Thanks! Yeah Marta is very creative & generous :). Yup the bow & the string headband is easy. I normally use japanese patterns where they have illustration. That's why I don't really know how to read them. But then I'm learning to read more now πŸ™‚

  3. MisFyd says:

    @Sohana: Thanks! Credit to Marta's creative idea. Igai to not itchy. I'm using acrylic yarn. If you use a coarse type maybe. But bole je cari yarn lembut like soft cotton if nk lembut lg πŸ™‚

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