Mini Bag

rIt has been awhile that I’m thinking to make a crochet bag. Today I managed to make a mini bag with my left over yarn stash from Japan which are a bit thicker than I normally use in all of my previous post. Here’s my mini bag (roughly 22(w)x18(h)x 6(d)cm in size) that I’ve crochet for roughly 2 hours:

In progress. Just finished the base. The challenge is to complete this mini bag with only one big ball of navy blue yarn. With a bit of other colours, I managed to use one whole ball.
Navy blue with baby blue strip mini bag. It does look like a mini shopping bag :p.
Fits just nice for my purse & handphone 🙂 
I hope to make a bigger one, maybe a sling bag or something later when I have the chance to restock my yarns. 


4 thoughts on “Mini Bag

  1. mytinkerspace says:

    What a coincidence! I'm making one now,too! But mine is using 3D cluster. I just use what yarn I have. If it turns out nice,I'll sell it. I'll let you know the outcome.

  2. Aisyah Helga says:

    I meant 3 DC cluster :p Sori! Just 3 dc you loop altogether in 1 stitch. I'm trying to finish it but the computer is calling me and not letting me do anything else!! Anyway, yr bag looks lovely. I like navy blue,too.

  3. MisFyd says:

    ohh 3 DC cluster.hehe…
    I just use normal sc, hdc, dc & fishbone for the side (if i'm not mistaken the name) :). Yea it's normal when computer is calling you for something else 😉

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