MisFydKrafts First Homemade Tape Label

Last weekend I was excited & eager to try to make my on labels based on Laurraine’s Fabric Label PatchworkPottery’s tut that was posted by Aisyah Daily DIY in My Tinker Space.

My check list & plan was:
1) Buy an inkjet printer @ Tesco near my place
2) Buy some iron on transfer paper @ Midvalley
3) Buy some cotton tape @ Macy (plus some new yummy yarns…muahahhah)
4) Redesign the logo fit for the labels
5) Install printer & test print the labels
6) Print the labels & cut them
7) Iron on cotton tape

So I went to buy an inkjet printer @Tesco on Saturday. Hehe don’t have a printer after my previous one had broken quite some time ago :p. Well now I can do more printing work for my eraser stamps patterns too. 🙂

On Sunday, I drive to Midvalley to buy some iron on transfer paper at one of the computer shop. Quite expensive! Well anyway I just bought it to try it off & I can get a lot of labels for one A4. Then I bought some cotton tapes, the white one that normally ppl use for sewing along with some new chunky yarns @Macy on the same day. Later I just managed to redesign my logo a bit & layout it several sizes on A4 format.

On Monday, I’ve installed my printer, printed my labels on the transfer paper then iron it on the cotton tape. Not all the label are ok as some did melted b’cos I ironed too long :p.

Anyway, here’s some photos of my first self made labels:

 My first home made labels!
One of the melted labels caused by excessive ironing :p
Hope I’ll do better next time 🙂


Crochet Slouchy Beanie Squary

After the pink beret beanie, I start to design another beanie the same Friday night. :p
This time I create my own design with a squarish top which looks more like the original slouchy beanie snow cap. Personally I luv this one. So here’s the my new design blue beanie:

It looks plain when it’s flat. Same as the pink beret it looks like a weird square head mushroom :p
So here’s how it looks like when I wear it. With a darker color & bigger size, I think men/boys also can wear it. What do you think?

Crochet Slouchy Beanie Beret Style

I’m really into beanie fever since last week after I bought those chunky yarns last weekend :p.

So last Thursday night I’ve started to make a new beanie. This time is beret style. After google myself away searching ideas on how to make one I’ve finally found one that I understand the pattern from Quazen by Dvorah. It’s quite easy to make. I made one with my own adjustment. Finished it on Friday night. So here the new pink beret style slouchy beanie:

Weird looking mushroom shape when it’s standing :p
A bit girly type of slouchy beanie. What do you think of this beanie?

Rubber Stamp – Mabbits Cookies (with smiley)

Just managed to update this :p.
On Monday night, I was like crazy to make a rubber stamp. So I took Amal’s writing for her sister Iman’s Mabbits (She a young baker whose cookies are great & also she’s selling them at her myspace) which was attached on the Mabbit’s cookies that Amal gave to me. So here’s the result:

  For the top, this time I stamped on a recycles paper then glue in on the rubber stamp. This is the easiest way to deco the top for me as don’t have any wood & equipments for a proper mounting.  The eraser was kinda hard so normal paper is just fine to glue on the surface.
At least it looks presentable compare to my previous stamps. 
Hmm maybe I should try to make all my stamp with the stamped paper top next time. 
 BTW I gave this stamp to Iman for her early birthday gift 🙂

Crochet Beanie Hat with Short Visor

Feeling awful not updating for more than one week! Quite tired & busy with work last week.

Well anyway, I didn’t stop my craft work :). Last Saturday I managed to buy some yarn & button supplies at Macy. Then, when out with friends to see the hot air balloon at Putrajaya at night. The balloons were great & the fireworks were awesome.

Sunday I tried to make something using my ‘fresh’ yarns. I bought some chunky yarns to try my new project which is a beanie hat. Initially I’ve tried to make a snow cap for men (for my Pdy) with a thinner yarn but eventually turned out too small :p. Need more adjustment with the number of stitches. Anyway, got stuck with the snow cap so I turned to my new chunky yarns as I really wanted to make something. I’ve designed the pattern myself. So here’s my new beanie hat:

 Mind my big ears :p. 
I’ve designed it with a simple boyish look using normal stitches so I think boys also can wear them.
So what do you think of this beanie?

New F’dyHana Hana on a Prezzie!

I was just finished wrapping a prezzie for my ex housemate new born baby, then it struck me to try one of my earliest to do list which is using F’dyHana as a wrapping accessory replacing the conventional ribbon. So I took my needle & design a new F’dyHana for this which I call just plain Hana as I don’t know what flower this is :p. Anyway, the Hana alone was so plain with only the button at the middle, so I added some green leaves with it. So here’s my new F’dyHana as a gift wrap accessory:

Ahhh nearly forget about the pin. I attach the pin so the mummy also have a prezzie too! 
A new flower pin for her. She deserve a prezzie too after all the hard work 🙂

I pin the Hana on a black yarn that I’ve tied over the wrapped prezzie.

So what do you think about this new usage of my Hana? 2 in 1 prezzie 🙂