Thanks for supporting & buying MisFydKrafts

Yesterday just right before I want to go out for work……. I’ve locked myself between the outside grilled & outside door (enterance area) for nearly 1hour!
Yeap…first time ever I locked myself in as I left my keys in the house, the house maintenance management’s technician have to cut the padlock to safe me who was locked like a convict + need to break my door knob & change to a new one ***sigh*** Luckily I was still on time for work…….

 The cut padlock & the busted door knob

Anyway, despite that awful morning, I managed to sell some of MisFydKrafts from my colleagues (F’dyHana Hp strap & pin, crochet bracelet & crochet ring). Got some new orders too for F’dyHana Rose.
Thanks guys for all of your support! ***hugs*** I’m so happy. I’ll try to create more nice accessories in the future. 

Thanks to all followers too (Total 17 followers since I open my blog in January…oh non-public follower too if there’s any).  I hope you all will enjoy browsing all of my creations. Hope to please the eyes of everyone out there.

Please do keep commenting. I love comments!  😉 It’s kinda motivation to create good stuff, get new ideas & of course, for sharing & learning too.

Thanks again!


2 thoughts on “Thanks for supporting & buying MisFydKrafts

  1. MisFyd says:

    Never watch blogger boy before :p but yeap it's definitely awful. In addition to that it was hot that morning. I sweat like crazy.

    Now I left my extra keys in my office just in case it happens again & I can ask my colleague help without knocking down the door 🙂

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