Crochet Tawashi (編みタワシ)

Today I read my friend Aisyah’s Daily DIY on crochet Tawashi or dish scrubbie. The tutorial is from Craft Stylish by Linda Permann. For quite some time I was in Japan didn’t knew about this crochet Tawashi (shame on me :p). Well my hand was itchy to try to make one so I finished one today. The pattern was not that hard. So here’s my new crochet Tawashi:

My Green & Orange Tawashi, 11cm in diameters. I’ve used Sirdar Acrylic Yarn for this one. Can’t wait to try it when I wash my dishes! 🙂
Hmm…. just wondering whether can it be a body scrub sponge??


10 thoughts on “Crochet Tawashi (編みタワシ)

  1. Aisyah Helga says:

    Nice! I've made one,too. But the colors are not as nice as yours. Anyway, not sure about the body scrubber. If it's good as a dish scrubber, it must be good for the body,too,kan??

  2. MisFyd says:

    Thanks! Yeah, thought so too. Maybe next one I'll try to make one for a body scrubber :p. Hopefully it can make good foam with the body shampoo.

  3. sue says:

    hi fyd.. i made this tawashi quite some times ago as you can see in my blog. yes.. it can scrub the body .. (especially those body of a boy who likes to play outside a lot) my son loves it… i used acrylic too… well.. not much of choice we have for yarns here eh….

  4. My Botang says:

    cute tawashi.. loving the colour combo.. since i have no patience to crochet (malas sebenarnyer) i recycled my old sweater (wooly ones) and turned it into tawashi.. but i didnt like it.. it didnt foam and everything seemed to get stuck in between.. is it not the same thing?? or is it because the sweater is tightly woven as compared to the crochetted tawashi?? help!!

  5. MisFyd says:

    Hi Sue! Yes I saw your Tawashi at your blog :). Hmm maybe I should give one to my brothers :p

    Yeah locally not much choice of yarns except acrylic. Where do you normally get your yarns?

  6. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Botang! :@)

    Hmm never tried with recycle sweater yet. Izzit wool? I think if wool maybe hard to foam & very fibrous compare to other type of yarn. That's why everything get stuck in between. Or maybe as what u said sweater is more tightly woven, that's why less elasticity = less foam = easy to get things stuck.

    But I thought it's normal for a normal tawashi to get things stuck in between? :p

  7. MisFyd says:

    Hi Mama Daniel…Most probably I've used a thick yarn compare to yours.

    Try making one with a thicker yarn.It should be bigger compare to your initial one 🙂

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