Crochet Beanie Hat with Short Visor

Feeling awful not updating for more than one week! Quite tired & busy with work last week.

Well anyway, I didn’t stop my craft work :). Last Saturday I managed to buy some yarn & button supplies at Macy. Then, when out with friends to see the hot air balloon at Putrajaya at night. The balloons were great & the fireworks were awesome.

Sunday I tried to make something using my ‘fresh’ yarns. I bought some chunky yarns to try my new project which is a beanie hat. Initially I’ve tried to make a snow cap for men (for my Pdy) with a thinner yarn but eventually turned out too small :p. Need more adjustment with the number of stitches. Anyway, got stuck with the snow cap so I turned to my new chunky yarns as I really wanted to make something. I’ve designed the pattern myself. So here’s my new beanie hat:

 Mind my big ears :p. 
I’ve designed it with a simple boyish look using normal stitches so I think boys also can wear them.
So what do you think of this beanie?


8 thoughts on “Crochet Beanie Hat with Short Visor

  1. Aisyah Helga says:

    Really nice! I tried making one of this cap using a pattern from vallieskid but tk brape jadi. Maybe b'cos of the yarn. You're good in designing lah!
    May I know how much is the thick yarn you bought?

  2. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Aisyah! I luv designing new stuff 🙂

    The thick yarn I'd used was 200g for RM15. For one chunk of that yarn I think I can make 2 of the same beanie.

  3. MILLER says:

    Halo MisFyd, how to order your crochet beanie hat with short visor? First time online order ni. Can I get a black color one , and it's for a guy head size. Lol. PM to my email with the price k? Thanks. Keep up the kraftwerk spirits. Love em.

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