Rubber Stamp – Mabbits Cookies (with smiley)

Just managed to update this :p.
On Monday night, I was like crazy to make a rubber stamp. So I took Amal’s writing for her sister Iman’s Mabbits (She a young baker whose cookies are great & also she’s selling them at her myspace) which was attached on the Mabbit’s cookies that Amal gave to me. So here’s the result:

  For the top, this time I stamped on a recycles paper then glue in on the rubber stamp. This is the easiest way to deco the top for me as don’t have any wood & equipments for a proper mounting.  The eraser was kinda hard so normal paper is just fine to glue on the surface.
At least it looks presentable compare to my previous stamps. 
Hmm maybe I should try to make all my stamp with the stamped paper top next time. 
 BTW I gave this stamp to Iman for her early birthday gift 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rubber Stamp – Mabbits Cookies (with smiley)

  1. euphoria says:

    Gluing hard paper on the stamps is a good idea! Maybe I should have options for customers; wood mounting or, paper top stamp kan?
    Letih gak nak gergaji kayu sendiri hahah!

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