First Crochet Clutch Bag

I just completed my new project which is my first clutch bag! 🙂
This one size is about 23x12x4.5(cm) in red.
It took me like nearly 4 days to think about the design & completed it. I’ve used mainly sc & ch to make the pattern. So here’s my first design clutch bag:

I sew a zipper which is quite tough to sew neatly but still manageable. Added some silver colour beads to bling it a bit.
I also sew my newly made labels on the inner side of the clutch! Need more pratice on sewing it. Seem that the iron on transfer layer is easily ribbed off when you sew thru it. Hmm…need to figure out how to sew it neatly later. 
Anyway some more photos on the clutch 🙂

Here’s the strap I design it myself by using a ring which I crocheted with 2 different colour yarns. Brown & Red.
As always I’ll try to put some stuff in the bag to try. The clutch can fit my bulky wallet & handphone with some ample space for keys, pocket tissue etc. 
So what do you think of my new design clutch bag?
Would you want one?


12 thoughts on “First Crochet Clutch Bag

  1. Rafidah Ahmad says:

    oh my god!!! cantek la fyd!!!! jeles i….u are so talented…luv the design and i'm sure it's tricky to sew the zipper..kalau i mau tahun depan siap hehehe…good job babe! i'm sure this can be a hit!!!

  2. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Kak! (^_^) Hope it can be a hit too! Aminnn~

    Penat gak jahit zipper tu…Jahit rough dulu baru jahit betul…Sbb bukan bole jahit zip dulu then jahit tepi mcm kain :p

    Nasib baik la 8inch zipper tu mcm ngam2 je ngn bukaan dier…huhu

  3. MisFyd says:

    Thanks My Luverly Craft!

    No prob. Bole tempah 🙂
    Just kene tunggu skit sbb kene topup yarns & all the small2 stuff + Q org order.

    Nanti Fyd nk bat catalogue so senang org nk pilih kaler & design.
    So do check for updates.

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