New Bow Design – Double Bow

It’s been quite sometime that I wanted to make a new bow design since the first one which I made as a headband & bow tie. Here’s the new double bow design:

I’ve also tried to make the simple bow again with the same colour. I think I like the new bow more 🙂
Here’s my new model called Itam! Itam also means Blacky in English. Hehehe. I don’t have little cute little models like mums out there but I have little cute bighead Itam as my model.
So here’s Itam modelling both of the bows 😀
Ain’t my new model Itam cute? 🙂  Which bow do you like?

6 thoughts on “New Bow Design – Double Bow

  1. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Aisyah! Yup a lot of ppl like purple…syg that purple yarn already finished…huhuhu

    If I can find those shades of colour yarns locally would be nice…

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