New F’dyHana – OoHana

Huh!!!!…It’s been more than a week I didn’t update my blog & FB. Last weekend I had a major headache on Saturday & some shopping for supplies. So didn’t managed to update anything. But then I didn’t stop my crochet. Had some new orders & did some new designs! Alhamdullilah my handwork managed to set a small place out there. Although just started February & it’s still not big but then it’s a good start for me =)

Anyway, last week I made a new design F’dyHana. This one is called OoHana which means big flower in Japanese. Do you know if you minus one ‘o’ it means family in Hawaiian?
Actually OoHana is designed based on my vintage crochet flower that I’m using on my mobile. Both Amal, Shida & Sabrina ordered for the same flower & colour as my vintage flower for pin,  so I used my 5 year old stash yarn which I’ve bought from Japan & also the same yarn that I used for my vintage flower! Yup just imagine I still have the same yarn for 5 years & finally finished it & I’ve also managed to make myself a new one with the same yarn :p.

So here’s some photos of the new OoHana:

Not really the same design as I can’t remember the old design but it’s as big as my vintage flower.
Give it a fluffy touch which I normally like with my crochet flowers. The 3D effect.
The size is around 5cm & a sew some beads at the middle.
Most probably it will turn out to be like my vintage flower when you used it for 5 years.
Just heve to use, wait & see. :p

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