Beanie Beret Style for Toddler – custom order

I got an order from my friend Cikyamz a custom beret beanie for her 1 year plus little daughter Ayra. This is my first beanie order for toddler. She needed it urgent as she is going to Japan around 2 weeks. Cikyamz requested shades of pink & purple. I managed to designed the beanie within a day & the beanie itself with my available yarns over the weekend. She also requested a F’dyHana Rose to attach on the beanie.
So here’s my trial design, the real design  & the outcomes:

Actually this is my first trial on making a smaller beanie beret using a thinner & softer yarn. I think this was too small for a 1 year old kid. So eventually & most probably it will be Itam’s beret :p. Anyway Itam looks good with the brown beanie! 
Based on this first trial, with some modification, I made the real one based on my sketch design. Here’s the sketch & the outcome.
The beret beanie when it’s flat & the top view.  
I did some variation on the stitches so the pattern looks like a flower.
Here’s some photo with Itam as a model 🙂
I hope it fits well on Ayra :). 
Going to delivery the beanie soon & hope to get some photos when Ayra wears the beanie.


12 thoughts on “Beanie Beret Style for Toddler – custom order

  1. MisFyd says:

    Hi Nini, Thanks babe!

    If interested for custom made please email me (
    I will quote price depending on design & size 🙂

    Normally for babies/toddler ard RM 25-35, adult beanies is ard RM55 plus depending on the design & size.

  2. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Ezyane!

    The colour combo was from the request order. My friend gave me the colour shades she want it to be so I just adjust it a bit myself with the yarns I have. 🙂

  3. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Mangosteenskin!
    I'll try to make more if I can 🙂 Plenty of ideas but just not enough hands & time to catch up…heheh

    BTW I adore your stamp carving 😉

  4. mangosteenskin says:

    Your field is a “wow!”.

    I only took biotechnology in university but as soon as I complete my degree I work with my husband, administrating our contractor/S&H consultancy company till now. So I can't call myself a biotechnologist kan? Cuma my interest is more into plant culture.

  5. MisFyd says:

    Plant culture is cool as Malaysia full of it!

    My field is still new in Malaysia which is related with stem cells. Not many local ppl doing it yet so kinda hard to get experts for certain details. But then still luv my mammalian cell culture work. Doing it for nearly 5 years since my 4th year bachelor 🙂

    Nway it's great that you can work together with your hubby in your own company….
    It's one of my dream to be able to that in the future with my future husband 😀

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