F’dyHana on Key Ring!

A first trial of my new F’dyHana KoHana (idea came from Kak Jijah) on a new attachment that I haven’t tried yet which is a key ring. This one I used my leftover medium husky pink yarn from Japan. It’s a smaller version of F’dyHana besides my Rose which is quite similar in size. That’s why I named it KoHana= Small Flower. For the key ring I just use my available jump ring to connect the ring & the flower. So here’s my new F’dyHana KoHana key ring:

 I’ve sew a glass beads for the KoHana middle and it looks quite nice & shiny =).
Next need to try the same pattern with different yarn see how it will turn out.

Brown Painter’s Cap & Red Beret Beanie

Last week I’ve also finished an order from my friend Atikah who is now studying in Australia. I’ve finished the cap & hat but yet to delivery to her. Most probably I’ll sent it to her within this week. Here’s the photos of her cap & beret beanie:

 The red beret beanie.
The brown painter’s cap.

New Lacey Beret Beanie

I didn’t manage to update any new stuff for couple of weeks as I was busy with trainings, meetings & friend’s wedding receptions. But a few weeks ago my friend’s sister Iman had requested a new pattern beanie beret. I managed create one but it to took me a bit more time as I need to adjust the new pattern I was designing with the proper size. Eventually it came out quite ok. So here’s the new Lacey Beret Beanie:

 The new beret beanie with a blue bow as Iman’s request. The bow is slightly big around 10cm in length. I’ve attached a pin behind the bow so that it can be detachable whenever she like or use it as a pin on her scarf etc.
Top view of the beret.
Here’s some photos of me modeling the new beanie =)
So what do you all think of this one?

Gorgeous Blogger Award!

Yesterday morning I got a very nice surprise from Aisyah My Tinker Space. She awarded me this Gorgeous Blogger Award!
Thanks Aisyah! Very sweet of you awarding me my 2nd award after the 1st one which was from you too =)

So here’s the rules:
Accept and thank the person who gave it to you!  
List 10 things about yourself
List 5 additional things you DON’T like
Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

10 Things About Me
1. I’m from a mix family of Malay, Chinese & Melanau from Sarawak.
2. I start sewing & crochet from primary school.
3. I speak/understand several languages & dialect including Malay, English, Mandarin, Japanese, Bahasa Sarawak & Hakka.
4. I love biology that’s why I was aiming to be a scientist in Biotech since schooling and managed to be one now.
5. I stayed in Tokyo for nearly 5 years for my studies & work.
6. I love photography.
7. I’m not good in cooking.
8. I learned to play the piano for 7 years while in school.
9. I believe with hard work & effort everything is possible.  
10. I love to make stuff using my hand & love originality.

5 Things I Don’t Like
1. I don’t like flu/running nose.
2. I don’t like last minute work. For me, planning is important to make things run smoothly.
3. I don’t like hypocrites.
4. I don’t like myself when I’m angry. I’m short tempered.
5. I don’t like people asking or talking the same thing all over again.

10 People To Give This Award To
1. Cute & Yummy   Ezyane like to make cute bear bear & a good supporter.
2. Tea Room by Bel Jee   Belinda is my friend’s sister who creates great art bakery + delicious too! Love her cupcakes.
3. Dodie’sDesign   Dodie create nice cards & photo frame for memories.
4. Mikylayna   Sabrina makes really neat & creative felt work.
5. PinkShoeLover   Kak Pidah who is a great supporter.
6. Mangosteenskin   Mango makes great rubber stamps & artwork.
7. CraftworkEuphoria   Euphy creates very nice rubber stamps.
8. Mindnsoul   Sue a fellow crocheter who makes cute amigurumis.
9. Miezcraftshop   New guy crocheter who create cool handmade & nice logo branding designs.
10. MyBotang Crafty Corner   I just admire her work with fabrics.

Hope you all have a great day & happy crafting!

Flower Hat for Toddler

Last week I made a flower hat which is adapted from baby Emily’s Hat, an order from Aida for her baby girl. As I didn’t quite remember the stitches for baby Emily’s Hat as I just made it up on the spot without any record. I tried to make this one as close as possible using a different mix colour yarn of lilac, cotton pink & off white. So here’s the new flower hat:

Closeup of the flower. This one don’t have a name =P.
A view from top. The mix colour yarn makes nice pattern naturally.
Hope the hat will fit Aida’s baby well & the photo session will be great =)

First attempt of making hairclips

Last weekend I was like crazy experimenting on making two types of hairclips, double prong alligator clips & snap clips. I managed to line the double prong & cover the snap clips with felt. So here’s the the result:

My first attempt to lined the double prong alligator clips. Luckily manage to make them neatly enough 🙂
Here’s my snap clips. I’ve covered the snap clips with felt made from recycle bottles & sew the side with a blanket stitch.
Now the clips are ready, next is how to embellish them 🙂