F’dyHana Oohana with Button

I created this last 2 weeks ago based on Oohana with beads, this is Oohana with Gunmetal colour button. Here’s the my new version of Oohana:

Red Oohana Pin.
Pink Oohana Pin.

I like these classic look hana. Maybe I’ll make more later =)


6 thoughts on “F’dyHana Oohana with Button

  1. MisFyd says:

    I luv them too kak Pidah ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeah I think it's really vintage sbb korek2 kt kedai tuu mmg mcm org tknk je… Heheh dah siap borong abis button tuu :p

    Ade gold colour pattern lain tp tk pakai lagi but still love this gunmetal colour button~

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