Flower Hat for Toddler

Last week I made a flower hat which is adapted from baby Emily’s Hat, an order from Aida for her baby girl. As I didn’t quite remember the stitches for baby Emily’s Hat as I just made it up on the spot without any record. I tried to make this one as close as possible using a different mix colour yarn of lilac, cotton pink & off white. So here’s the new flower hat:

Closeup of the flower. This one don’t have a name =P.
A view from top. The mix colour yarn makes nice pattern naturally.
Hope the hat will fit Aida’s baby well & the photo session will be great =)


4 thoughts on “Flower Hat for Toddler

  1. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Aisyah! 🙂
    Yea but I still have a pattern recorded in a book as I normally create new stuff once a while.
    I intent to forget as I normaally have a lot in mind :p.
    Nway good to keep record as you can refer later if you want to make exactly the same pattern.

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