‘A & K’ Rubber Stamp

One of my to do list was offering myself to carve a initial rubber stamp for my friend A who is going to get married in July. I was asking her for the pattern quite sometime but she always forget as she is quite occupied with her wedding preparations. So as my hands was quite itchy to carve, I start looking for nice fonts on the net. I found some Victorian style fonts which I think would be nice for the stamps. My hand writing is not that pretty (as my History teacher in secondary school did scold me for my terrible hand writing :p), and my designing for initial is not that good either. But then still I just design it free hand based on the fonts available. Here’s the carved rubber stamps:

 Hope A & K loves it =)


11 thoughts on “‘A & K’ Rubber Stamp

  1. MisFyd says:

    @Mango: Thanks Mango! Need to learn more XD. But really can't compare to your Sakura stamps! I really love them!

    @Kak Pidah: Hahahaa…pinjam tkleh la kak Pidah~~~ I can't crochet anymore if you borrow~~ :p

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