Fyd’s Version Fedora Hat = Fydora

I’ve started this project around early last week & just finished it yesterday. I was trying to make a Fedora Hat which the idea came from my Pdy but then it turned out a bit small & snuggy on me. I think this is S size but still wearable I guess. It doesn’t really look like a Fedora hat, so I decided to call it FYDORA =Fyd’s version of fedora :p. How’s that sound? Heheh. So here’s my new design Fydora:

 I’ve used black chunky yarn with sc all over to make the hat harder. As the hat was too snuggy, I changed the initial plan to put ribbon around it to a crochet band which is more stretchy. I tied the bow with a ribbon so that it is not too thick.

Here’s how it looks like when I model it. It looks ok for my first ‘not quite there yet’ Fedora= Fydora hat. 
Later will try to make a better & slightly bigger one for guys =).

7 thoughts on “Fyd’s Version Fedora Hat = Fydora

  1. MisFyd says:

    @Mummy Dhiacoco: Thanks! Aah Mischa Barton suka pakai topi2 camni. Ramai jugak celebrities suka pakai, Neyo, Johnny Depp, JT, MJ etc…senang to cover bad hair day I guess :p

    @Aisyah: Thanks! I just figured out the name last night before doing the posting :p. I thought of using the real ribbon but then as the hat was just 'ngam2' & a bit stretched when I wear it so I can't use the real ribbon. I just crochet a band (which is stretchy) & make a ribbon out of it. =)

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