F’dyHana Rose on Hair Tie

I’m back from my ‘balik kampung’ (back to hometown trip) Kuching Sarawak last Sunday. I had a wonderful time relaxing at home, relieved my craving for Sarawak food like mee kolok+laksa sarawak+tea C special & spending one whole week with my mum, brothers, sister & my Pdy. Missing them already =(.
With all the relaxing time, I’ve also managed to finished some orders & create new stuff. I’ll will update all of them in this week 😉

The week before I went back to Kuching, I managed to make my first hair tie using F’dyHana Rose. This one I made some leaves & attached them with the Rose. So here’s my new F’dyHana Rose with leaves on a hair tie:

 The grey rose with leaves hair tie. I think the grey colour makes the rose look more classic.

Here’s how the rose looks like when tie it for a pony tail.
What do you think?


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