New Earflap Beanie

While in Kuching I managed to create a new beanie with earflap which my little sister were interested in. I used the extra grey yarn which I brought to Kuching for Ratemie’s plain beanie order. It’s the same as the plain beanie pattern where I just added earflaps at both side. Here’s the new beanie:

I’ve also tied a braided yarn at the end of both earflap. This one I gave to my little sister. She already wore it a few times in Kuching =). We have some photo session modelling my beanies & hat including this one. I’ll post it later when I managed to edit the photos.

Here’s the plain beanie that Ratemie ordered:

You can see that it is nearly the same pattern as the earflap beanie =). I managed to pass it to her at our friend’s wedding reception in Kuching. Ratemie is actually my old secondary schoolmate. Thanks Ratemie!

Actually I have another order that I’ve finished in Kuching which was a green beret beanie for Kimi. I forgot to snap some photos of the beanie =P. Anyway she said it was a perfect fit and I was glad to hear that =). Thanks Kimi for your order!

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