MFK new product label

This is one of my pending project until last weekend. I’ve designed the graphic for quite sometime but didn’t had time to really design it as labels. Yesterday I managed to make 3 types of label using the design:

  • Rectangle label for brooch, hairclip etc; 
  • ‘I’ shape label for hairtie etc;
  • Tag label for beanie, bracelet, headband etc. 

Here’s the new MFK new product labels:

All cut & ready to use =). Even tried them with my hairtie & hairclip.
Close up of my bubble gum colour design with logo & web address.
What do you think? =)

10 thoughts on “MFK new product label

  1. MisFyd says:

    @feltralicious: Thanks! I just use 160gsm or 200gsm card paper. Can find them in stationary shops =)

    @Aisyah: Thanks Aisyah!=) Hehe…biz label not that soon…now just for own use =P

  2. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Mango & Rafidah!

    Fyd sendiri rasa puas bile dh siap design, gunting & punch.
    Sbb tu suka bat sendiri if bole. Dpt belaja bat bende baru jugak at the same time =)

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