The Threadszoo Sweatfest

After 2 weeks was kinda hectic with work, enquiries, orders & preparation, Nas & me managed to join the Threadszoo SweatFest Bazaar last Sunday. The crowd was not that many but then we had a good experience & managed to make some new friends who most of them have blog shop. I managed to meet Brenda from Baby Sasha N Mom which I was introduced by Norlie from SekociNorlie thru FB.
Anyway here are some snap shot of the event:

This is my part of the booth sharing with Nas from Impromptu Express. I’ve used some cloth bought from Kamdar for the table cloth, my DIY hat display stand, DIY rack, photo frame DIY for display & some flat baskets/trays.

 With Impromptu Express Owner, Nas =)
With Amy who helped us a lot in setting up & mending the booth =)
The Impromptu Express selling very affordable pretty earrings & necklaces.
They posed for MFK! Nas looked absolutely gorgeous with my beret style beanie & Amy looked good with my Fydora. 
Both are modeling my new design rings (Hana & Pompom) which were made while mending the booth! Gave the rings to both of them =D
 Haris trying on the MFK Earflap beanie & gave a cute big smile for the camera!
He is certainly will be in my guy model list 😉
 A shot with some of our new friends (one of our booth neighbour) from the bazaar.

Later I’ll post my DIYs for the booth including the beanie / hat display stand & simple rack to share everyone =)


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