My DIY Idea Sketch Book

This is one of my quick project which is an idea sketch book. I normally scribble my ideas on any paper that I can grab so it’s kinda here, there & everywhere. So I’ve decided to get crafty & make one rather than to buy a normal one from the stationary shop =D.

I just used things that are available for making this sketch book. Some colour A4 papers, one hole puncher, my eraser stamps, stamp pad, some yarns & crochet hook. So here’s my first handmade sketch book:

For the cover deco, I’ve stamped some patterns using my own craved eraser stamps. I bound the A4 papers by punching some holes & tied it with a yarn. From the side of the book, I tried to do some crochet edging.  Look a bit weird but then it gives the sketch book a crochet touch (the one & only) =P
Anyway, I hope that with this sketch book I can document my ideas more efficiently!
How do you guys document your ideas? 


8 thoughts on “My DIY Idea Sketch Book

  1. MisFyd says:

    Yeah! This new product has already copyrighted by MisFydKrafts! hehe :p

    Yup, I think I haven't found anyone making this yet…so I guess I'm first…maybe I should develop some more of this product later 🙂


  2. MisFyd says:

    Hi Sindar! Thanks for the link!
    She did a really nice job on the crochet book cover 🙂

    At least it is not exactly the same(technically different…phewww):D
    which mean the idea is not really new to bind a book with a crochet piece 😉

    I guess i still can say this is my technique to fancy the book by not covering it :p]

    Then I need to improvise the technique which will make it new & better technique =)

    Thanks again for the info! Cheers!

  3. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Kak Pidah!

    Normally ppl will make a crocheted book cover..I haven't seen anyone only do the side only yet 🙂

    it just struck me when I bind the A4 papers with the yarn….why not just fancy it a bit with crochet 😀

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