The ParenThots event: Star Kid’s Fair @KL Convention Center

This is the first public event I’ve attended for crafters. I went there to help 2 of my crafter friends who both organizing a craft session, Miyyah & Norlie. They are also the Art & Guild KL & Selangor members. I’ve also managed to meet up other crafters that I’ve known. First time face-to-face with Zam from Miezcraftshop, Asma (As) from Simple Rhyme, Nirwana from My Glass Cubicle, Ayin from Prince & Print & Tania.
Here are some shots from the event:

Some shots that I managed to take on the event.
Both photos courtesy of Miyyah@Kertas on FB: The children are so excited even only watching me squeezing the glue!

For Miyyah’s session (Quilling), I was the ‘glue girl’ squeezing the big white PVA glue for the kids to use for their quilling.

Photo courtesy from Miyyah@Kertas on FB: Norlie briefed me on the coupons for participants which I’d helped to distribute before her session. Asma quietly observing at the back =P

Photo courtesy from SekociNorlie on FB: Me & Zam working on the Hot Glue Gun

For Norlie’s session (Recycle jeans craft), I’ve helped on the coupon for the participant & also as the ‘glue girl’ with the ‘glue boy’ Zam working the hot glue gun for the kids. All Norlie’s helper has this cute recycle jeans flower on them. Most of them got the pins but I got the hairband =D. It was kinda choatic event but eventually everything somewhat turned up well.

More photos of me here:

Checkout more photos of the event here:


Bubble Beret & Coral Beret Beanie

This is an order from my repeat customer Rahmawati & her friend Esterlina (new customer). Rahmawati ordered the black Coral Beret beanie & Esterlina ordered a red Bubble Beret beanie. Here’s some photo of their order that I’ve completed:

Both beanies safely arrived to both of them =) Thank you both for your order!

Art is Enterprising: The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 Malaysia Event

iThis is a small event jointly hosted by Passiona Practice and Rumah Seni dan Kraf Gemilang in conjunction of The Global Entrepreneurship 2010 Malaysia on November 14th at Oakleaf Highland Country Club, Bukit Antarabangsa.

Miyyah, As & me attended this event & managed to met up few artist. We’ve met the honored guest Puan Sharifah Zuriah Aljefri (Chinese Brush Painting Artist) and Kak Abby Zain (Naive Art, the owner of Rumah Seni dan Kraf Gemilang). There are booths for mural painting, facepainting, clay art & also some other artists selling their art work. There was also lucky draws (which I’m lucky to win a stylingstudio gift voucher! hee =D) & a pitching session too.

Here’s a few shots that I’ve took on the event:
  The mural painting before & after.
Most of the top part are done by adults & lower part are by kids. You can actually see the difference =).
Opening session speech by guests of the event.

 Some crafts display at the Rumah Seni, Pitching Session by Sharina from PassionaPractice, Clay art display from one of the booth and also a booth for kittens & puppies adoption.
 Checkout more photo of us here:

My First Quilling Experience: Quilling Get Together V1.0 by Miyyah

I know it a super late post but I’ve decide to post it anyway =). I’ve attend a few crafter’s event this year & I’m going to post all of them within this year (I hope =P).

This is late post on the Quilling Get Together at KLCC that I’ve joined in October. It was my first time learning quilling with a few of the well-known paper crafters in Malaysia. Thanks guys for the tips on paper quilling! I’ve certainly learned at lot from you guys! So here’s some photos from my camera on that day:

We got some free biscuit from Miyyah@kertas, the organizer. We had a great time quilling & learning new tricks together. My side of the the table with Ayin & Nirwana was the most havoc which talks about anything from my lab mouse experience to Ayin’s navy. The other side was quite but very diligently making their beautiful quilling cards. My first quilling card is in the cards photo, top left 2nd (Black base with red & yellow swirl).  The other cards are from Miyyah, As, Lin, Saza, Ayin, Nirwana, Tania, Nisa, Molly, Lin

For more photos you can visit some of the link here:

Really glad to meet you all! Hope to join the next session soon~~ =D