First Order for MFK Mini Bags

This first mini bags order was from my secondary schoolmate Ija. She ordered the mini bag, shell bag, 2 Oohana strap & 1 Kohana pin. Here’s her order:

Thanks Ija for your order! =)


8 thoughts on “First Order for MFK Mini Bags

  1. MisFyd says:

    Benang tu normal size yg Minlon 40g tu…size Oohana pin tu ard 5cm

    Jarum actually bole tukar2 size ikut material/design camne nk bat. bigger hook for looser pattern smaller hook for tighter pattern.

    Standard jarum size around 5/0 (japan numbering) ok rasa yer for benang size mcm Minlon, Nona etc 40g ball tu.

    Asalkan benang tu bole muat & tk terbelah(ade jenis camtu) bila kait kt hook tu.

    Ape2 pun just try & cari size hook yg sesuai / selesa for Ayu =)

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