The ParenThots event: Star Kid’s Fair @KL Convention Center

This is the first public event I’ve attended for crafters. I went there to help 2 of my crafter friends who both organizing a craft session, Miyyah & Norlie. They are also the Art & Guild KL & Selangor members. I’ve also managed to meet up other crafters that I’ve known. First time face-to-face with Zam from Miezcraftshop, Asma (As) from Simple Rhyme, Nirwana from My Glass Cubicle, Ayin from Prince & Print & Tania.
Here are some shots from the event:

Some shots that I managed to take on the event.
Both photos courtesy of Miyyah@Kertas on FB: The children are so excited even only watching me squeezing the glue!

For Miyyah’s session (Quilling), I was the ‘glue girl’ squeezing the big white PVA glue for the kids to use for their quilling.

Photo courtesy from Miyyah@Kertas on FB: Norlie briefed me on the coupons for participants which I’d helped to distribute before her session. Asma quietly observing at the back =P

Photo courtesy from SekociNorlie on FB: Me & Zam working on the Hot Glue Gun

For Norlie’s session (Recycle jeans craft), I’ve helped on the coupon for the participant & also as the ‘glue girl’ with the ‘glue boy’ Zam working the hot glue gun for the kids. All Norlie’s helper has this cute recycle jeans flower on them. Most of them got the pins but I got the hairband =D. It was kinda choatic event but eventually everything somewhat turned up well.

More photos of me here:

Checkout more photos of the event here:


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