Extra Mini Shell Pouch for New Year/Christmas Present Swap

Every year on Christmas/New Year, my family normally have a present swap session with my mum’s sis family (my aunt). Although my family do not celebrate Christmas (my Aunt do), we really enjoy this present swap session as it’s fun to get present from each other. It’s like our family tradition. Who doesn’t like the surprise & excitement of getting a present right? =)

So every year each family will do their selection session to know who are you going to give the present. This year I have picked my cousin Kim & lil Nat For Nat I’ve bought a craft kit for her to try to make her own decorative headband. But I was having some difficulties to pick a present for my teenage cousin Kimberly as I know she had received the normal accessories (earrings etc) for these few years. Eventually I’d decided to get crafty & make something for her. A mini shell pouch, a smaller version of the mini bag. So here’s the pouch:

This pouch is around 9x7cm in size with 2 gold vintage button to fasten.
I made lining with black felt (first time!) & sew my label on it. 
Hope she’ll like it =). Can’t wait to get mine present soon (still in Kuching)!


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