Mangosteen Craze: Last Custom Order of the Year 2010

I kept this post for quite sometime. The last custom made order that I’ve received for 2010 is from a Malaysia well-known eraser carver friend Mangosteenskin. She ordered 6 Oohana pins & a custom Mangosteen theme pin. I’ve designed 2 mangosteen theme pins for her to pick but eventually she choose both =)

Here’s the photos of her order:

As you can see she’s is really crazy about mangosteen =D. It’s the first time I make these type of pins & really enjoyed bling the crochet pins with beads. The beads does make them pop!

Actually when I was small, I had a bad experience being stung by 3 hornet/wasp on my head while I picking some mangosteen under a mangosteen tree at my late granpa’s ‘kebun’ (fruit graden). I can’t really remember the hospitalization or anything except crying out loud. My mum said that my head & body was puffed like a melon. Despite that I still like mangosteen! =)

I absolutely enjoyed making these pins! Thanks Mango for your order. =)


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