My Family Mobile Sock – Experimenting

A backdated post. While I was relaxing for the 2 weeks holiday in December with my popo (grandma), mum, my 2 bro & sis, I managed to crochet some small items for them, my Pdy & myself. This was including the New Year/Christmas present swap for cousin in the previous post. I’ve crocheted 6 simple mobile socks for my mum, bro, sis, pdy & 2 for myself. Here’s some photos of the socks that I’ve made:

I’ve used the Mohair acrylic mix yarns that I’ve bought from Daiso. It was the first time I’ve used these type of yarns. The yarns are soft & furry!
BTW The 3 mobile socks in the photo are my sis, bro & myself. Not in the photo is my mum’s mobile sock  (black mix) & my 2nd mobile sock (brown mix), both with slightly different design. =) 
I’m using my 2nd design with button (not in the photo) & the furry mohair is getting furrier than before! =P


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