When Crafters Meet @ a Craftstore – Scrap.n.Crop

An unplanned meet up of my paper crafter (Miyyah from Miyyah@kertas, Saza from ShareYourLoveWithCards) & felt crafter friends (Norlie from SekociNorlie, Azza from ChomelCraft) at a local store Scrap.n.Crop which sells plenty of paper & scrap booking supplies! You can get nearly everything there from paper to stamp pads. Normally they sell online (from their site the largest scrapbook online store in Asia!) but they do sometimes have open days where you can checkout the items yourself. Luckily I’m not a paper crafter (yet =P) but if I am one, I’m sure will be drown by all the goodies there! Here’s some snapshot of the happy crafters in the store:

I bought some card stocks & ink pads for my new name card project =)


2 thoughts on “When Crafters Meet @ a Craftstore – Scrap.n.Crop

  1. Aisyah Helga says:

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun, Fyd! Even though I don't make crafts with paper anymore but I would have love to buy some stuffs there. Just in case I get in the mood again :p Luckily I live so far away!!

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