Fun ‘Felt-on-Tshirt’ class with Mikylyana

Hi guys! Sorry for the long silence as I was kinda busy catching up with my craft mood (starting my craft marathon for the February orders) after the 8TV Quickie show which I’ll be posting about it soon! There will be several other back dated post too. Some new design beanies & accessories. =)

Anyway back to the original post, another of my felt crafter friend Sabrina from Mikylayna is going to do a class at Shah Alam, Selangor on the 26th March. She is well known among us as the crafter who has the hand like a sewing machine! All her felt work are hand sewn really neatly & tidy as a sewing machine. You can check out her Mikylayna blog & FB for more of her amazing work. If you are interested to learn how Mikylayna do her fun felt applique on T-shirt, then this Part 1 basic class is definitely the one that you don’t wanna miss!

Here’s the details of the class:


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