New Hat Design: Wavy Painter’s Hat

Holla everyone! Sorry for the long silence! A bit occupied with work & my internet line is not that good these few weeks. Anyway straight to the post is my new design of my painter’s hat that I’ve done quite some time ago. This time I played around with stitches to make the wavy lines on the hat. Here’s the new design:

My new polystyrene girl (Poly) model helped me to model the new beanie. 
She will be working hard with polystyrene boy model in MFK for awhile =D.
Oh what do you think about my new design? It’s a bit harder to make compare to the plain one. This beanie also can be worn by guys too by making it slightly bigger in size.


7 thoughts on “New Hat Design: Wavy Painter’s Hat

  1. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Aisyah!
    I nearly getting used to not posting & it's at the danger level!!! =P

    Need to catch up with more due posts, plenty of them coming soon as I've edited all the photos~~~

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