Paper Crafter V2 Get-together by Miyyah

The Paper crafter V2 get-together by Miyyah was on the same day with the Norlie’s felt class at the school. After finishing the class all of us went to Eco Cents at Damansara Ara where her get-together was held. The Eco cents is a store where they sell vintage clothing from Japan. You can checkout their FB page here & blog page here.
Checkout some photos of the get-together:

Mikko, Sabrina, Norlie, Zam & me at the get-together after the class. 
We 5 are completely different type of crafter (we are loud & busybody) compare to the real paper crafter where they sit quietly, concentrate making their fabulously gorgeous cards! You can compare our table & their table from the photo! =) 
  Here’s some photo of the end product from the paper crafters & the paparazzi busy taking photo. Absolutely gorgeous don’t you think? 
I’ve only made the paper pin & the punch frog (the quilling leaves are by Zam =P). 

It was definitely fun to have crafters get-together no matter what type of crafter you are. You can learn a lot from sharing & watching what each other is good in. 


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