Headphone Muff in the House

I love music but I don’t really listen to it that much compare while I was in my Uni time (listen to my Ipod while I cycle to class or on the train).

I have several good headphones (fold-able Sony & Audio Technica) that I’ve been using for years! The headphones are still good (sounds good too) except the fraying ear cushion which normally happens to old headphone. As I’m still using them sometimes I’ve decided to cover them up with crochet muff! Here’s the outcome:

My Sony headphone with new pink muff!

My Audio Technica with new black muff!
I think the muff can also make your boring black headphone more vibrant. 
The most important now at least now they won’t leave any black fraying dust on my face & clothing while I’m using them. Yeay! =D. 


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