A Fun Weekend in Putrajaya

Last Sunday I went to Putrajaya with Mikko & Miyyah to checkout our crafter friends & ACG member booth. I went there with Mikko & we planned to meetup with Miyyah at the Belia market in the 1 Million Youth Gathering Day(3 days event). The event was humungous! There were tents of several pavilion from each Minister Office in the Putrajaya (BTW Putrajaya is the federal administrative for Malaysia).  Initially Mikko & me didn’t know where exactly the market is so we parked at the pink mosque in Presint 1, eventually we walked thru all the tents until Presint 4 where the Belia market is! I’ve checked the google map and it was 2.5km (around 30min) walk under the hot noon sun! The tiredness was nearly forgotten after we reached our destination! We 3 had much fun looking around the booths, meetup with some of our crafter friends & ACG member Adam & Shahril selling their fashion stuff (frugal mugal) and also snapping tonnes of fun photos there! Most of them in Miyyah’s camera, will try to get the photo from her as soon as she uploaded them!. Here’s some photo (not much) that I took with my camera =)

 Fun posing with the Lomo wall by a LomoKids Malaysia at the Belia Market. The wall was really pretty with all the colourful lomo photos! I too play with camera from Lomography but not that active. I have a Fisheye 2, Supersampler & Fuji Instax poloroid camera. If you are wondering what is Lomography, basically is analogue photography. You can checkout more info on it from the Lomography site.
After the fun adventure in the Belia Market, we went down to Alamanda Mall to have our lunch & dessert! Here some photo of us enjoying our ice cream!

 So what did you do last weekend?


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