Art for Grabs + KL Alternative Bookfest at Annexe Gallery

Last Saturday, I went to Art for Grabs at Annexe Gallery near Central Market with Zam. It’s a bazaar where people can sell their art/craft stuff & even literature/art books for the KL Alternative Bookfest. Miyyah (Miyyah@Kertas), Saza (ShareYourLoveWithCards), Nirwana (My Glass Cubicle) & Dura were there selling their craft & artwork. The crowd were ok & not too pack, so actually we can slowly browse every booth there. It was fun & a lot of the visitors really appreciate art & crafts! Here’s some snapshot that I took there:

Overview of the craft & art section.
Miyyah & Saza booth selling their paper work! There are plenty of pretty & cool cards, toppers, magnets, albums & even paper miniatures.

 Miyyah’s neighbour, Nirwana (MyGlassCubicle) who helped to look after Miyyah’s & Saza booth when there are not around & Durra who was busy preparing fabric dye paint for sale. I love to see Dura’s gorgeous artwork + T-shirts & Nirwana’s cute knit baby booties! 

 There are some familiar faces in the bazaar like Individium & Juxta Arts. But one that I haven’t meet in person is Reita Rahim from Gerai OA. I knew her from FB & she was really a nice lady =).   She helped in running the Gerai OA. 
What is Gerai OA? Taken from FB: “It’s a volunteer- run, nomadic stall selling crafts, books, CDs & DVDs on the Orang Asal (indigenous minorities) of Malaysia. 100% of the sales money is returned to the artisan, business or NGOs.”
I bought two pretty bead bracelets by the Rungus (indegenous of Sabah) =) Love them!

After the Art for Grabs, I went to Ampang Park with Zam & his lady friend to buy some yarns. Here’s what I had there for an early dinner!

 My Favorite Asam Laksa (Rice noodle with tonnes of chunky sardine meat, pineapple, cucumber etc in sour fish soup)! Yum! But I still prefer the Asam Laksa taste at the Jusco MidValley’s =D.


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