Experiment: Wrap Bracelet with stone beads

Another experiment for wrap bracelet for my personal use. This time I used some gem stone beads for them. The first time I’m using gem stone beads which was quite expensive material that I’ve ever bought for only beads! The weaving of the beads to me a lot of time & I need to bead one by one those 4mm beads while weaving on the cord. For 4 wrap bracelet took me nearly 2 days to complete! Really tedious to make except you have the patient. Yeah, I was crazy with these wrap bracelet that’s why I do it! LOL. Anyway here’s the outcome:

Blue Agate gemstone beads combined with some purple glass beads & metal beads, wrap on blue cotton cord & a flower design button for the fastener.

Black Agate gemstone beads combined with some brown glass beads, silver & gunmetal metal beads, wrap on black cotton cord & a vintage flower design button as the fastener.

This one is wrap with white Howlite gemstone beads on a black cotton cord & plastic resin button for the fastener. Just love the natural black cracks on the beads.

This is how they look like when I wear them!
Just love them that I wear each of them alternately to work! =P
What do you think? =)


4 thoughts on “Experiment: Wrap Bracelet with stone beads

  1. MisFyd says:

    Thanks Aisyah!
    I'm thinking to make some but the cost will be expensive for the gem stone beads & tedious work of weaving the 4mm beads…

    Not sure whether ppl with 'sanggup' pay for bracelet :)…I guess this is consider a jewelery.

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