Practicing My Lace/Thread Crochet

Last few weeks ago, I went to the Art & Crafts Guild  (ACG) Potluck Steamboat party in conjunction to ACG’s 18th birthday at Jane’s (our ACG president’s) place. We had so much fun talking, munching, sharing ideas & prezzie swap. Each of us need to bring an item handmade by ourselves for the swap & I brought my crochet beaded double wrap bracelet for the swap.

Double wrap crochet beaded bracelet, black with blue shinny beads.
The ACG 18th Birthday cake!

I was lucky enough to get some yummy thread from Kak Zarina, who is the only one that I know who dyes her own thread! Her hand dyed thread (HDT) have really nice colours! The name of this thread is Orchid Garden. Check out her blog for more of her work checkout ConcerningZarina.  I tried to crochet some flower with the thread and here’s the outcome.

It took me quite a while to finish this small flower! The size is around 3cm in diameter. I just love the colour! =D


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