Supporting my crafty friends at My Handy Creations Bazaar by Brother Malaysia


I managed to visit & support my crafty friends, who are also our ACG members, opening booths at My Handy Creations Bazaar by Brother Malaysia at Paradigm Mall yesterday.
The bazaar was for 3 days starting from Friday. Happy to meet them all! They definitely had a great time.

If you’ve missed the bazaar, you can check them out at their IG or website/fb for all the awesome stuff they make.👍:mrgreen:

@sekocinorlie, FB: SekociNorlie
(felt & fabric craft, specialised in beautiful handbouquet)

@madebyrozirahman, Web: made by Rozi Rahman
(fabric craft, checkout the nostalgic fabric batu seremban)

@rimaumanja, Web: Whimsicalnquirky
(Specialised in gorgeous wire jewelery work, fabric & embroidery craft)

@mikylayna, Web: Mikylayna
(felt craft, specialised in handsew handcut cute felt clock/notebooks)

@yanscrafty, Web: Yan’s Crafty
(jewelry & papercraft, specialised in earrings & cards)

@sarangcraftbyabby, FB: Sarang Craft by Abby
(fabric craft, specialised in baby related products like the bedak caddy)

@zilakasimquiltshop, FB: Zilakasim Quilt Shop :sharing booth with norlie
(Specialised in making bags, embroidery & quilt)

#myhandycreationsbazaar #brothermalaysia
#acgmalaysia #bazaar #crafters #theartsandcraftsguild #malaysiancrafter #supportlocal #craftbazaar #malaysia #paradigmmall #wefie #selfie #craftymalaysian


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