Marathon Baker Custom Crochet Baking Chef Hat Beanie


Tadaaa! The Baking Chef Hat Beanie customized for Marathon Baker! ❤

Equipped with all the necessary baking utensils so that their brand ambassador Aizat Yanan can run the marathon & make some energy bars along the way 😉


360° snapshot of The Baking Chef Hat Beanie.

360° motion video of The Baking Chef Hat Beanie.


Closeup! I did an extra crochet star shape cookie cutter at the back of the Baking Chef Hat beanie for the diva star runner Aizat, ambassador of Marathon Baker! ❤


If you are wondering where was the measuring cup as it was not on the Baking Chef beanie, I actually sew it on a wrist band 😉


Never wefie with Aizat while wearing his beanie that I’ve made whenever he pickup his order from me. This was the first since 3 years ago he’s been my regular customer. 👍
And I also got my first taste of Marathon Bakers Energy bar too! 🍫 Thank you Aizat!



Aizat , the Marathon Baker ambassador wearing the MB customized Baking Chef Beanie for the first time at the Park Marathon & Watergate 16 hours Ultramarathon a few weeks ago.🏃🍫:mrgreen:. 📷 Photo credit to Aizat & the photographer(s).

This order was completed in December 2015,  a custom order from Marathon Baker for their brand ambassador Aizat.

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