Misfydkrafts - Fyd

“I paint with my hook, I colour with my yarn” – Fyd of MisFydKrafts

I’m a full time nerdy biotech research scientist (based in Malaysia) at day time but crazy about handmade/craft. So anytime when I’m not in my  lab (night & weekend) I’ll will be normally doing crafts or update my blog/FB/IG in my craft lab aka my home =)

MFK is basically all about my craft which is mainly crochet work. I love to to try new things & DIYs. So don’t be surprise that I’ll try different types of craft/technique as what I like to do (not only crochet). I have this passion of learning & experimenting new stuff! Even photography too. Do lookout for new cool stuff that I do. I hope that in near future, I can share my passion through interesting tutorials that I can share to all.

How did I start? Well, I’ve started doing sewing/crochet work since I was young, observing my mum doing all the craft work. I’ve learned the basic crochet from my mum back then but I’ve stopped for a few years when I was continuing my studies in KL & Tokyo. Then the craft work started again while I was studying in Japan, mainly crochet & a bit of knitting.

The real starting point was in 2006 (my 4th year study), as I just made my very first flower crochet, one of my senior lab mate asked me to make one for her after seeing my purple flower crochet hanging on my mobile phone. My lab mate offered to pay but I didn’t ask for anything except in exchange for a 1L bottle of coke. She was very pleased with the dark blue crochet flower I made for her. Since then I realised that I could create something to please others. 4 years later, after graduated & settling down in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve finally managed to create my first craft blog named MisFydKrafts in blogger since 2010 to share my craft with everyone.

MFK started to take up orders from friends/customer since started blogging  & the business is registered (001975460-K) legally under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). Basically I do my crafts at my place in KL.

If you have any inquiries or anything in mind on my crafts, or just wanna share ideas, do feel free to email me at: misfydkrafts@gmail.com. Don’t worry, I don’t bite =P

To all Crafter & Craft lover,

Happy crafting, Happy Browsing & Happy Shopping! Handmade Rocks! =)


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