My Crochet Clutch

It’s been awhile i have not update my blog. Have been quite busy with work & orders. And lately i’m towards updating in my FB page Misfydkrafts and also my Instagram MisFyd. Will try my best to upload all the items that i’ve been making this year. Trying my best to update starting now as i can blog thru my mobile =)

Checkout my latest work. The red crochet clutch complete with black lining & side pockets. It was my first time sewing using my new sewing machine that I’ve bought a few months back. =)


Crochet Double Zipper & Cosmetic Pouch

Kak Ina is one of my my return customer & she had ordered 2 more pouches for her daughter & herself (cosmetic pouch) after the first one. Here’s the 2 pouches I’ve made for her:

Double zippered purple pouch with shell pattern stitches.
Single zippered large cosmetic pouch with inner side pocket & zigzag stitches.

Thanks again Kak Ina for the order! =)

Custom Triple Zippered Crochet Pouch!

This is a custom order pouch by Kak Ina for her mobile phones (which I think she have 2) and all the other miscellaneous stuff that she want to be in one place. Here’s the finished pouch: 

All the zippers & inner felt lining are hand sewn (No sewing machine). It take me some time to figure out how to make the triple zipper compartments. This maroon pouch has safely passed to Kak Ina. 
She loves it. Thanks Kak Ina!
I got another 2 pouch order from her, one for herself  (cosmetic pouch) & another one for her daughter Need to work out with the design soon! =)

My Handmade Crochet Hook & Accesories Case

I didn’t have a proper casing for my crochet hooks before. Normally I just put them in a plastic case with all of my other tools. I eventually made this as Mikko decided to start crochet/knitting hook case project with a few crafty friend quite sometime ago. Here’s my new hook case:

My denim folded hook case tie with faux leather cord.  All the sides were hand sewn with blanket stitch. No machine stitches at all for this case as I don’t even have a sewing machine. Ok I lied, I have one but the small type sewing machine which just can make running stitch, rarely in used that as the stitch is not that good. =)

I’ve used felt for the inner part and hand sew some compartments for my hooks & thread snipper. I’ve also sew some denim pockets for my needles, thread, measuring tape & small accessories.
Now this is my favorite case as I can have all my tools that I usually use in one place!
Anyone has done your own casing for your craft tools? 
Do share as I would love to see your version of handmade casing  =)

PVC leather pouch!

It was an order from Sakinah which get me started to make the PVC small pouch. She ordered one to put all her USB drives.

As it was my first try on PVC leather, I’ve tried to make a trial pouch for starters just to get the correct dimension & everything as hand sew PVC leather is not like normal fabric where once you poked it with needle it, the hole will stay there. Here’s some photo of both pouches that I did:

Not that neat as I was experimenting with the sewing the zipper, PVC & felt lining.

Nearly the same template as the first one with just a little amendments. I also lined this one with felt.
Hope that Sakinah will like her new USB PVC pouch! =)

My Simple Adjustable Red Flask Bottle Holder

A new item that I’ve never crocheted before. I did this one actually end of last year when my family was in KL. As my mum makes coffee (I love coffee!) in the morning, she packs some in my flask for me to bring to the office (I get headache if I don’t have coffee in the morning, addicted =P). It’s kinda hard to bring a 0.5L flask in my handbag so I’ve crocheted a flask bottle holder. So here it is:

I’ve added two button on the handle so that I can adjust the length, shoulder/hand held.
I still remember mum’s crocheted blue water bottle holder which I used to bring to school everyday. Anyone else uses crocheted bottle holder before when you are young? =) 

Extra Mini Shell Pouch for New Year/Christmas Present Swap

Every year on Christmas/New Year, my family normally have a present swap session with my mum’s sis family (my aunt). Although my family do not celebrate Christmas (my Aunt do), we really enjoy this present swap session as it’s fun to get present from each other. It’s like our family tradition. Who doesn’t like the surprise & excitement of getting a present right? =)

So every year each family will do their selection session to know who are you going to give the present. This year I have picked my cousin Kim & lil Nat For Nat I’ve bought a craft kit for her to try to make her own decorative headband. But I was having some difficulties to pick a present for my teenage cousin Kimberly as I know she had received the normal accessories (earrings etc) for these few years. Eventually I’d decided to get crafty & make something for her. A mini shell pouch, a smaller version of the mini bag. So here’s the pouch:

This pouch is around 9x7cm in size with 2 gold vintage button to fasten.
I made lining with black felt (first time!) & sew my label on it. 
Hope she’ll like it =). Can’t wait to get mine present soon (still in Kuching)!