Another version of MFK Name Card

This is the newer version of MFK name card that I’ve been working on these few days. I wanted to make a black colour name card but of course my printer can’t print white. So I’ve decided to carved my details on an eraser stamp (my previous post) & stamp on the the card using the ink stamp pad that I’ve bought from Scrap.n.Crop. Here’s the outcome:

To make it different, I’ve put a touch of crochet on the cards =)
I still have my old cards. Why need to waste them. To give them a new look, I’ve also gave them the crochet touch too =D
What do you think about my new cards?


Experiment on My Crochet Design Sketch Book: CroSketchBook

After my first handmade sketch book, I’ve decided on experimenting my crochet on a ready-made A4 sketch book that’s available in any stationary shop. The idea is to crochet on a metal ring-bounded sketch book rather than punching holes on paper (one hole puncher) which makes my hands numb (making the first sketch book). Although it is not total handmade, but it safes me more energy for the crochet part =). So here’s my one & only sketch book with crochet designed on it:

I’ve choose white, grey & black tones for the crochet and a black hard cover ring-bounded sketch book (30x21cm).

The black gigantic flower (D 13cm) is a pattern I’ve used from a book that I’ve bought quite sometime ago while in Japan. Actually I’ve finished crochet it long time ago but did not know what to do with it yet. I thought this is just the appropriate time to use it =)

The leaves & the edging is my own design. This time I used crochet beads technique for the edging with some pearl white beads to make it stand out. The leaves are just a random pattern that I just crochet along the way.

The satin ribbon label was ordered from KucinPurple. I designed it & asked them to print it for me on the satin ribbon.
What do you think about this one? I haven’t found anyone use the crochet edging technique like this before. Please do share if anyone has found a similar method =)

I think I would used it for my crochet design collection photos rather than a sketch book =P.

My DIY Idea Sketch Book

This is one of my quick project which is an idea sketch book. I normally scribble my ideas on any paper that I can grab so it’s kinda here, there & everywhere. So I’ve decided to get crafty & make one rather than to buy a normal one from the stationary shop =D.

I just used things that are available for making this sketch book. Some colour A4 papers, one hole puncher, my eraser stamps, stamp pad, some yarns & crochet hook. So here’s my first handmade sketch book:

For the cover deco, I’ve stamped some patterns using my own craved eraser stamps. I bound the A4 papers by punching some holes & tied it with a yarn. From the side of the book, I tried to do some crochet edging.  Look a bit weird but then it gives the sketch book a crochet touch (the one & only) =P
Anyway, I hope that with this sketch book I can document my ideas more efficiently!
How do you guys document your ideas?