Crochet Keyring with Cross Stitch/Embroidery

Here’s a new hot item originally from MFK. The crochet keyring or keychain custom with cross stitch / embroidery name.

Dr Faz wanted a set of couple keyring for her couple friend as a gift. She also requested extra deco at the back with the couple’s name & a heart which I’ve used handcut heart felt & sew onto it. The name are from metalic yarn.

Do contact me ( if you like me to custom a special one for you! =)


Painter’s Hat with Custom Applique

Yana ordered 2 Painter’s Hat for men with custom applique designs last few months ago. Here’s the painter’s hat that I made for her:

The applique ‘a power of 2’ and ‘æ‘ were completely hand sewn.
I hope that she love them! =)

Custom Earflap Beanie with Bow clip

I’ve just known my far far far relative Shikin (niece) from FB where she try to order a baby beanie for her cute baby Khayla. What a small world & I just knew that I’m a ‘young’ granny!! LOL.
Anyway, here’s what she ordered from me:

Pink shades stripe earflap beanie with pompom top + braided string and  pink + white xtra large bow hairclip that can be attach on the beanie.

Here’s a photo of baby Khayla with the earflap beanie =) With permission & credit to mummy Shikin.

Ain’t she cute? =D

First custom order of the year: Custom Froggy Beanie & Instax Mini 7s Sock

One of my first few customer of the year (February) ordered a custom froggy beanie for her baby & an Instax Mini 7s sock for her camera. She requested the froggy beanie to have a pop up eye like ears, so here’s the outcome:

Froggy Earflap Beanie. It was my first time creating character beanie & it was fun =D


Pop fuchsia pink Instax Mini 7s Sock as requested.

Thanks Zamzila for your order! =)

Baby Earflap Beanies!

This is last year order by Atie for her baby boy. Check them out =)

Multi colour stripe grey, blue & white. This time I did something different with the string as Atie didn’t want the braided string I normally do with my previous beanie (she said it looks a bit girly =D) so instead, I crochet the strings on both flaps.

Here another one with a simple earflap design without the still but with a pompom on the top as requested.
 It looks simple but adorable.  Don’t you think so? =D
Thank Atie for ordering!

Crochet Double Zipper & Cosmetic Pouch

Kak Ina is one of my my return customer & she had ordered 2 more pouches for her daughter & herself (cosmetic pouch) after the first one. Here’s the 2 pouches I’ve made for her:

Double zippered purple pouch with shell pattern stitches.
Single zippered large cosmetic pouch with inner side pocket & zigzag stitches.

Thanks again Kak Ina for the order! =)

Three Baby Girl Beanies

Azalilah ordered 3 customized beanies for her baby girl. A multicolour pink beret style beanie, a black painter’s hat with initial & a pink earflap beanie. Check out the beanies I’ve made for her:

Shades of pink & purple strip beret style beanie with a purple Oohana.

 Black painter’s hat with ‘AN’ initial hand sew felt applique. As this was for a girl, she choose pink for the initial & put a triangle button on the A to make it look cuter!
 A plain pink earflap beanie.
Thanks Azalilah for the order! =)