Another version of MFK Name Card

This is the newer version of MFK name card that I’ve been working on these few days. I wanted to make a black colour name card but of course my printer can’t print white. So I’ve decided to carved my details on an eraser stamp (my previous post) & stamp on the the card using the ink stamp pad that I’ve bought from Scrap.n.Crop. Here’s the outcome:

To make it different, I’ve put a touch of crochet on the cards =)
I still have my old cards. Why need to waste them. To give them a new look, I’ve also gave them the crochet touch too =D
What do you think about my new cards?


My Eraser Carving Mood is Back (for awhile)

I was thinking of making a new name card, so I start carving for a new eraser stamp. This time I carved my details on the eraser (7 x 3cm, largest that I have) by carving out my own handwriting. Here’s the carved eraser:

The carving was not that clean but then it’s readable (acceptable). Actually that’s my good readable handwriting. You won’t want to see my REAL handwriting. No one can read it accept me! Heheh.
So next will be mounting the eraser. I’m thinking of trying to use new stuff to mount the carved eraser (something water proof). I’ll be posting about it again if I’ve found the best material.
For this name card version, I’m aiming not to use anything that is printed out =). I hope my plan will turn out ok! 

Anyone care for "string" noodles with handmade "crochet" chopstick?

This is another handmade chopstick hook experiment that I did in December last year. This time I used a normal non disposable chopstick with some decorative part on it. So here’s the hook:

This chopstick was a bit harder than the disposal bamboo chopstick so the carving took a bit more time.  I would like to try with different material or patterned chopstick in the future & see how’s the outcome =).
The handmade crochet hook does look more nicer with the decorative part, don’t you think?

Handmade Bamboo Chopstick Crochet Hooks

I’ve wanted to try to make my own crochet needle for quite sometime. I did some wood & soap carving in secondary school & also some eraser carving recently. So I thought why not carving a bit for my crochet work for a change. 

You can find a few tutorials online on it but I try to improvise whichever is easier for me. I’ve used plain bamboo chopstick which is cheap & available in any store in Malaysia (bought one big packet for a few ringgits only), blade, sand paper & a bit of bee wax.

Here’s some photos of my handmade crochet hooks & some the materials that I’ve used to make them:

 Here’s the simple steps to make the bamboo crochet hooks:
  • Draw with a pencil roughly the shape of the hook compare with your favorite one.
  • Use a sharpener to sharpen the end of the stick & cut the sharp end of the stick. (This is easier way compare to use a blade to carve the rounded hook head)   
  • Carefully carve out the unwanted section with a blade (This might be the hard & tricky part if you are not use to carving, I did throw away some sticks after some fail attempts. Really be careful when you are handling the blade. Start a new stick if you make mistake, you may need to get use to carving it).
  • After you are satisfied with the your carved hook, sand it with a fine waterproof sand paper until all the hook surface are smooth.
  • For the finishing, use some bee wax balsam to make the hook shine & smooth. (you just need a bit for your handmade hook, but you can use this for your other bamboo hooks or needle available to care it)

    Now you are ready to admire your master piece, get hook & enjoy! =)

    My DIY Idea Sketch Book

    This is one of my quick project which is an idea sketch book. I normally scribble my ideas on any paper that I can grab so it’s kinda here, there & everywhere. So I’ve decided to get crafty & make one rather than to buy a normal one from the stationary shop =D.

    I just used things that are available for making this sketch book. Some colour A4 papers, one hole puncher, my eraser stamps, stamp pad, some yarns & crochet hook. So here’s my first handmade sketch book:

    For the cover deco, I’ve stamped some patterns using my own craved eraser stamps. I bound the A4 papers by punching some holes & tied it with a yarn. From the side of the book, I tried to do some crochet edging.  Look a bit weird but then it gives the sketch book a crochet touch (the one & only) =P
    Anyway, I hope that with this sketch book I can document my ideas more efficiently!
    How do you guys document your ideas? 

    Bazaar Preparation DIY – MFK Hat Display Stand

    My cheap & easy to make DIY Beanie / Hat Display Stands

    I wanted to display my sample beanies & hat but didn’t have any stand to do so. After googling & everything, not much info on display stand DIY. Some available hat stands I’ve found was head mannequin or just simple acrylic / metal stand. These are normally kinda hard to get in Malaysia & I bet it’s expensive for crafters like me.

    Eventually I’ve decided on DIY my own display stand. I went to the Art Friend Shop in Gardens to get some materials & ideas for the stand. After browsing in the store, eventually I ended up buying some cylindrical & disc shape polystyrene. I’ve decided to make use these polystyrene to make my beanie & hat display stand. It’s cheap & easy to cut the length just by using a cutter knife. Here’s what I did for making my beanie/hat display stand:

    Here the polystyrene cylinder & disc that I’ve glued together with No More Nails Adhesive. I’ve cut the cylinder into two pieces with different length & glue it on the disc. I’ve tried to glue polystyrene with UHU glue last time when I make a keychain display & it melted the foam as UHU it is from petroleum based. Try not to use any petroleum based glue for polystyrene foams.
    LESSON #1 Do not use petroleum based glue (such as UHU) for polystyrene foam. It melts them!
    I wanted to colour the plain white polystyrene. So I tried with some gold colour can spray which is Ester & Keton based. As I have some doubt on using alcohol based paint spray for the polystyrene (as petroleum based glue melts them), I tested it first on an unused polystyrene. The can spray paint melts them!! Well at least I tried on an unused polystyrene =)
    LESSON #2 Do not use alcohol based can spray paint for polystyrene. It melts them too!   
    As the paint test with a can spray has failed, I tried on a different type of paint which was a water based mural paint (black colour) that I bought from a stationary shop near my home. The paint was water proof, non-toxic & light odour. Tested the paint on the unused polystyrene & it worked just fine =)
    LESSON #3 Use water based paint (like Artiz Mural Colour) for polystyrene.
    So I start to paint my polystyrene hat stand with the mural paint using a brush….
    LESSON #4 Make sure to put a paper sheet on your floor or do it out door. It can get really messy.
    One finished & 2 more to go….
    Tadaaaa~ Here’s my painted polystyrene display stands. Let it dry for more than 2 hours & they are ready to be use!
    LESSON #5 Make sure it’s dried properly before handle it. If not the paint will be ruined & it will need some touch up.

    One hat stand can be use to display 2 beanie/hat and it’s very light (but a bit bulky) to carry if you have to prepare for a booth in market/bazaar. 
    It’s quite cheap to make:
    • Polystyrene only around RM14 (for making 3 stands)
    • Mural colour was RM18 for 1kg (used just a bit but can be use for something else)
    • Brush for paint was around RM6
    • No More Nail adhesive around RM15 per tube (used the left over I have so no need to buy)

    Roughly the for making the stands was total around RM24 for 3 that can display 2 beanies/hat in a time each. If you want to make an easy, light & cheap hat stand, then give this one a try =)

    p/s: If the display stand is too light, you can put something heavy like nice looking rock (such as the one use in fish tank) to stable it. Plus, you can even glue another polystyrene ball on top of the cylinder to make a nice volume for your beanie. I didn’t managed to find some but then without the ball is still look ok =)

    The Threadszoo Sweatfest

    After 2 weeks was kinda hectic with work, enquiries, orders & preparation, Nas & me managed to join the Threadszoo SweatFest Bazaar last Sunday. The crowd was not that many but then we had a good experience & managed to make some new friends who most of them have blog shop. I managed to meet Brenda from Baby Sasha N Mom which I was introduced by Norlie from SekociNorlie thru FB.
    Anyway here are some snap shot of the event:

    This is my part of the booth sharing with Nas from Impromptu Express. I’ve used some cloth bought from Kamdar for the table cloth, my DIY hat display stand, DIY rack, photo frame DIY for display & some flat baskets/trays.

     With Impromptu Express Owner, Nas =)
    With Amy who helped us a lot in setting up & mending the booth =)
    The Impromptu Express selling very affordable pretty earrings & necklaces.
    They posed for MFK! Nas looked absolutely gorgeous with my beret style beanie & Amy looked good with my Fydora. 
    Both are modeling my new design rings (Hana & Pompom) which were made while mending the booth! Gave the rings to both of them =D
     Haris trying on the MFK Earflap beanie & gave a cute big smile for the camera!
    He is certainly will be in my guy model list 😉
     A shot with some of our new friends (one of our booth neighbour) from the bazaar.

    Later I’ll post my DIYs for the booth including the beanie / hat display stand & simple rack to share everyone =)